Al Ra'idah Investment Company is a joint stock company, and has been established by virtue of the royal decree No 9, dated 27/2/2007, which stated that "licensing for establishing a Saudi joint stock company by name of (Al Ra'idah Investment Company). The company's main headquarters is located in Riyadh, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The core of its establishment is considered a pioneering company on the investment field of real estate property as part of the Saudi market. Further, it acts as the effective investment arm for the Public pension Agency, active on the real estate field, managing and operating the real estates, overseeing implementing the real estate projects which are possessed by the Public Pension Agency or works on establishing and developing them.


The company possesses, manages, and sells all or parts of the Public Pension Agency's investments and properties, and it contributes to employing the national labor force in terms of their managing and their projects, which it develops.


In addition to this, it undertakes all the work and dealings which help realize its ends; this includes, naming only a few, the following: Establishing the real estate, trade, industry, and service projects, and possessing them, selling them, and developing them; or running and operating them.


Purchasing the tangible and intangible assets, and possessing and selling them; or offering them for lease or having them leased. And in order to realize its ends, the company undertakes all the financial, commercial, and industrial work whatever its type is, whether they are fixed or movable assets, and in line with the company's main system.


Currently, Al Ra'idah Investment Company is tasked with implementing a number of huge projects across the Kingdom, among which are the following projects:


1-King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) project- Riyadh.

2-IT and Communication Complex (ITCC) project - Riyadh.

3-Southern Obhor Project- Jeddah.

4-Diplomatic Quarter Compound- Riyadh.

5-Ishbilia Residence Compound- Riyadh.

6-Al-Rakah Residence Compound- Dammam

7-Ad'dabab Towers Compound - Riyadh

8-Hamra Al-Sharq Compound- Riyadh

9-Multi-Purposes Project, Al-Sahafa District – Riyadh.

10-King Abdul-Aziz Road Office Towers- Riyadh.

11-Mina Real Estate Co. Towers - Mekkah

12-Jazan Residential Project- Jazan 


To view the details of these projects, please access the "Investments" link at the upper bar of the portal pages.

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