Al Ra'idah Investment company has set its eye on applying its general strategy through which it has taken into account achieving clear-cut future vision, going with what the Kingdom's real estate development sector witnesses in terms of development; which the company contributes to it through its pioneering role, aiming, at the same time, at developing its financial resources through its investments in various fields. 


In quest of achieving the financial balance mainly harnessed to meet its commitments to secure a financial resource for retirees, and increasing the shareholders' returns, the capital value for the company and its various projects and investments, the company bears into consideration achieving these objectives through the following means:


  • Establishing, possessing, selling, developing, and operating the real estate, commerce, industry, and service projects.
  • Purchasing the tangible and intangible assets, and possessing and selling them; or offering them for lease or having them leased
طباعة الصفحة اضف الصفحة للمفضلة لديك

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