Terms of use
Usage and Disclaimer
1- Portal Usage Mechanism
The portal of the Rayadah Investment Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is referred to it herein by the phrase "The portal of the Rayadah Investment Company" or " the Portal", and its own link is "”, is available for your personal usage. Your browsing and usage are subjected to these usage regulations and terms, and the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Your adherence to these terms starts once you have accessed the portal, as this is unconditional implied acceptance to the usage regulations and terms , whether u are a registered user or not. This acceptance takes effect as of the date of the first usage for this portal.
As it is clear from the vision and mission of the portal, among its most important objectives are to increase awareness, provide a diverse range of information on the real estate and architectural development, and provide the biggest number of e-services, as well as replying to the inquires and questions which the portal receives as its being one of the most important communication outlets between the Company and the beneficiaries.
Using the portal is governed by a number of items and terms which undergoes continuous update and development, if need be. And any amending or updating to any of these items and terms takes effect once it is approved by the portal management. This in turn requires you to constantly review the usage terms and disclaimer principles, and to view them thoroughly; in order to get familiarized with any updates or changes they undergo. Thus, your continuation in using this portal means that you have fully viewed and accepted any amendment these usage items and terms have undergone. Given that these items and terms include the property rights, and the portal management is not required to announce any updates these terms undergo. 
2- Property Rights
This portal is technically supervised by the Information Technology Department; it is a department affiliated to the Rayadah Investment Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And all the materials that are available at the portal including graphics for the information, software, data, contents, trademarks, and other property rights forms.   These materials are protected by virtue of the publication rights.
And with a view 0f the objectives of the portal in terms of increasing awareness, enriching of the architecture and real estate development for the users and visitors of the portal. Therefore, it is only allowed for the personal user and the non-profit usage to benefit from the content of the portal, and any information published on it. On addition to this, it is necessary to mention that the portal of the Rayadah Investment Company is the source of that content and information, and the intellectual rights reference only resides in it.
Therefore and for all the above mentioned, it is not allowed, in any ways, to sell, license, hire, amend, copy, take off, re-print, download, advertise, distribute, publicly display, edit, or create works pirating from the materials or the contents of this portal for the audience or the commercial purposes without obtaining a previous written consent from the Rayadah Investment Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Also, the drawings and images of this portal are protected by virtue of the publication rights; and it is not allowed to be taken off or be exploited in any way without a previous written consent of the Rayadah Investment Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  
3- Usage Bans
Having used the portal of the Company, you acknowledge prohibiting from the following:

  • Providing or uploading files on this portal containing viruses, damaged data, or harmful programs
  • Uploading materials or files on the portal containing anti-pubic ethics phrases with the aim of defaming reputation and libel, whether explicitly or implicitly.
  • Participating via the portal of the Company in illegal activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Providing or uploading files containing software, materials, data, or other information that you do not possess or you do not have a license for it.
  • Using any means, program, intercepting, or attempting to intercept the proper operation of the portal of the Company, or resorting to what is known as hacking.
  • Using this portal in some way to send a commercial or an unwanted email, or any misuse of the kind for the portal of the Company.
  • Making anything that places a big or an inappropriate burden on the infrastructure of the Company's portal.
  • Publishing, advertising, or circulating materials or information containing defamation or a violation for laws.
  • Publishing anti-Islam teachings or anti-public ethics materials via the Company's portal.
  • Advertising, on the portal of the Rayadah Investment Company, for any product or service put us in any law-breaking position or system applied in any field.
  • Using the e-services provided on the portal in a light way, and misusing them on purpose.



4-Links from and to our Portal 


A- Using the Link of the Company's Portal

Apart from what is set out below, it is banned to transfer or copy any of the contents of the Company's portal, create any links related to it, or display any of them in a frame.
It is possible to put links related to the Company's portal in any other websites that do not conflict in terms of their general goals and attitudes with the objectives, policies, and framework of the portal of the Rayadah Investment Company.
Under no circumstances is the Company considered participating or linked by some way or other to any of the brands, logos, trademarks, or any other used means; or appearing on the websites linked to this portal or any of its contents.
The Company reserves its full rights with regard to suspending and intercepting any link, by some way or other, from any website containing inappropriate, flagrant, immoral, obscene, sexual, improper, socially unacceptable, or illegal topics; or names, materials, or information breaking any law, or violating any intellectual property rights, privacy rights, or public rights.
Also, the Company reserves the right of obstructing, by some way or other,   any unauthorized link, and it does not hold accountable  for the available contents on any other website that can be accessed via this portal, or can be used to access this portal.
B- Outside Links on the Portal
Contact links of other portals are provided in order to make easier to the visitor, and we are not responsible for the contents and credibility of the portals which are linked to them, and we do not approve their contents. As such, using any of these links to access these websites or portals is taken place upon your own full responsibility.
5- Responsibility Limit
The e-services provided by the portal of the Company via the internet, and obtaining information on the various governmental subdivisions and bodies are only provided to facilitate the manual procedures. On so doing, you consciously acknowledge that via-the internet communications may encounter interference or obstruction by others, and the portal does not replace the available information through the official bodies, and the administrative requests and procedures can be directly made before the concerned bodies.   
Accordingly, using this portal remains your own responsibility and we under any circumstances are not responsible for any loss or harm of any kind that you may sustain as a result of your using or your visiting for the portal; or taking for granted any statement, viewpoint, or advertisement on the Portal, or what may result  from delay in operation, connection difficulties, having problems connecting the  internet, device breakdown, programs, behavior or ideas of any person accessing this portal. Accordingly, you herein acknowledge and consent that your sole and only means to handle any harm or loss that may occur as a result of your accessing or your using for this portal is to abstain from using it, accessing it; or to stop short of doing that. 
6- Compensation
You herein acknowledge that you are not to take any measure against the Rayadah Investment Company, or any of its departments, and are to disclaim it as well as the responsibility of any bodies, staff, or agents that are in charge of managing, maintaining, updating, or launching the portal of the Rayadah Investment Company. It is also to be disclaimed with regard to any commitments and responsibilities that may appear in relation to any claim resulting from violation, on your part, to   the usage items and terms, or any of the laws in force, whether in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or your residence place.
7- Anti-Virus Protection
We exert every effort to examine and test the contents of this portal in every production stages, and we advise you to constantly operate an anti-virus program to all the materials which are downloaded from the internet. We are not to be held accountable for any loss, disconnection, or damage to your data or your computer, which may occur while accessing this portal or when using a material coming from this portal.
8- Judicial Reference
The judicial reference in relation to all the claims and disputes resulting from using this portal is within the purview of the judicial authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, given that the Arabic language will be the official language used to settle any disputes resulting from your using for the portal or any of its contents.
9- Access Denial to the Portal
We are allowed, and according to our absolute estimation, to end, restrict, or suspend your right to access the portal and to use it without previous notice, for any other reason including violating the usage terms and items, or any other behavior that we see, according to our own estimation, as illegal or harmful to others. And in case of suspension, you will not be authorized to access the portal.
10- General Regulations
-The Arabic language is the main language for using the portal and benefitting from all the materials published on it.
-All the regulations and laws published on the portal, whether related to the portal or other bodies, may be subjected to translating to interpret its meanings with the aim of increasing benefit. Though, the Arabic text for all these regulations and laws stands as the main reference. Therefore, under no circumstances do you depend on its own interpretative translation to infer any information or details.
-The materials and information available on the portal are awareness-oriented, and are not meant for profit.
-The Company reserves the full right to delete, or to not publish any comments or participations for the users of the portal, seen as inappropriate by the portal management.
-The user is to bear the full responsibility before the concerned bodies about any materials or files that they upload on the portal.
-In case you have problems browsing the portal, or you have any inquiry, please communicate via this email:
طباعة الصفحة اضف الصفحة للمفضلة لديك